• Battlespace Command and Control Center (BC3)
  • Command View
  • DDG 1000 Zumwalt-class Destroyer
  • Global Hawk Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite
  • Maritime Information Management System (MIMS)
  • Sentinel R1 (ASTOR)
  • Shadow R1
  • Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS)
  • Zeus

    一本道在线综合久合合Battle Control supports the flow of information, from planning to directing operations:


    Raytheon equipment manages air traffic for 60 percent of the world's airspace:



    Analysts in every industry — from defense and law enforcement to financial and commercial services — are struggling to make sense of the enormous amounts of data at their disposal. Raytheon's analytics systems can take unstructured information, video and images from almost any source and turn them into relevant insights.


    Raytheon's protected communications are aimed at serving the nimbler, tightly focused operations of today's changing military:


    一本道在线综合久合合A pioneer in technology for secure data, voice and other electronic communication, Raytheon is the leading developer and manufacturer of NSA-certified, high-reliability cryptographic microcircuits, ground units, and flight units for space communication. Our communications security devices include KIV-7 family of network link encryptors, advanced ASICs and cryptographic/acceleration equipment used in sensitive electronic messaging. Raytheon data encryption systems have achieved certification to the stringent CMMI Level 5 standard. Our quality systems have certification to the ISO 9001 international standard.

    Explore Raytheon encryption solutions for:


    Raytheon is a world leader in weather forecasting, building everything from satellite sensors to the computer systems that meteorologists use to analyze data.


    一本道在线综合久合合Raytheon specializes in linking different systems so that they operate as a coordinated whole. Our integrated systems include: